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Daniel O. Cargill

Daniel Cargill was a native of Cumberland who served the state for forty-six years as a bridge engineer and Chief Engineer of the Division of Roads and Bridges. He played a major role in developing Rhode Island’s interstate highway system and developed bridge preservation techniques that have been utilized in many states.

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David Wilkinson

David Wilkinson (1771-1852) a Pawtucket native, was a successful Industrial Revolution-era inventor and mill owner. When an historical movement is particularly successful, it is logical that there would be many claims of authorship. This is certainly true of the Industrial Revolution and the beginnings of the American factory system. At the center of the Industrial

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Daniel F. Longstreet

Daniel F. Longstreet (1850-1937) was a Gilded Age pioneer in labor-management-customer relations on the Providence street railway system. He later invented improvements for streetcars and helped to establish some of the national managerial organizations in the public transit industry. Longstreet participated in the Civil War by joining the Fourth Rhode Island Infantry at age 15

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Philip J. Holton

The late Philip J. Holton, 1899-1976, was Chief Engineer for the Providence Water Supply Board for thirty-five years. He built the city’s water system into one of the largest in New England and one of the most modern in the world. He was appointed superintendent of the Scituate Reservoir in 1933, and became its’ chief

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Alexander DiMartino

Alexander Dimartino, 1907-2001, served as Chairman of the Rhode Island Water Resources Board and President of the Narragansett Preservation and Improvement Association. He was responsible for the construction of many bridges over Route 95 and for the Washington Bridge. He actively engaged in Brown University alumni activities for many years, and was a native of

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