Clio's Trio

Clio’s Trio, named for the Greek muse of History, is the name given to the close collaboration among the Heritage Harbor Foundation, the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame, and the Rhode Island Publications Society in their quest to promote and facilitate the study of Rhode Island history.

The Heritage Harbor Corporation was launched in 1996 to celebrate Rhode Island’s remarkable three and a half century experience first as a New England colony and later as a state crucial in shaping the nation. Though the initial concept of a physical exhibition space in a decommissioned power plant on the Providence waterfront was abandoned following the economic downturn of 2008/2009, a financial settlement has allowed Heritage Harbor to transform itself from a museum entity into a charitable foundation. With its endowment lodged at the Rhode Island Foundation, The Heritage Harbor Foundation now seeks to raise the awareness and usefulness of state and local history for the Rhode Island public by making grants to certified 501(c)3 organizations willing to carry out at their own venues, programs, projects and initiatives that remain true to the educational intent of the museum’s original donors.

The HOF exists to honor and recognize, and to extol and publicize the achievements of thoseRhode Island men and women who have, in the words of the HOF induction citation, “made significant contributions to their community, state, and/or nation.” It is also our mission to tell the story of Rhode Island History via interactive technology using the biographies of our inductees, noting their collective impact upon every phase of Rhode Island’s development.

The Rhode Island Publications Society (RIPS) is a nonprofit educational and cultural foun­da­tion incorporated in 1981 under Rhode Island law to publish and distribute works relating to Rhode Island’s history, economy, and cultural life. It distributes the publica­tions of the Rhode Island Historical Society, the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Com­mission, the Diocese of Providence, and sev­eral local historical societies. It also markets books dealing with the Rhode Island experience from university presses and commercial publishers.

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