Marie Rose Ferron

Inducted: 2017
Born: 1902 - Died:

Marie Rose Ferron was born to devout Catholic parents on May 24, 1902, in the countryside near Quebec. Her mother had dedicated each of her 15 children to the mysteries of the Rosary. As the tenth child, Marie Rose honored the Crucifixion. These extraordinary circumstances surrounding Rose’s birth seemed to foreshadow her destiny.

Rose’s spiritual journey began at the age of four, when she experienced a vision of the Child Jesus carrying a cross. At the age of seven, Rose had already begun to plead on behalf of those in need. People who knew Rose marveled at her childlike simplicity and profound humility. Throughout her life, she practiced the virtues of charity, patience, hope, and trust, and never abandoned her faith in God and His Divine Will. For Rose, submission to the will of Jesus and saving souls were all that mattered.

Rose repeatedly suffered to make reparation for the sins of others. Through her suffering she attained healing–physical, mental and spiritual–for those in need, regardless of their station in life. Despite the pain, alienation, and chastisement she endured, Rose embraced her mission joyfully, without any bitterness.

On numerous occasions, Rose endured the pains of childbirth felt by her sisters and many women she never knew. During her life, Rose also bore the suffering of those afflicted with cancer, heart disease, blindness, asthma, paralysis, and countless other maladies. She clearly understood the nature of spiritual suffering, and cherished her mission of winning souls for Christ. Rose had a special love for children, and extended her miraculous powers of healing to them as well.

After a lifetime of suffering for the souls of others, she died on May 11, 1936, with a beatific smile on her lips. Her death came as no surprise, since Rose herself foretold it at age 26. “How long will I have to live away from you? she asked Our Lord. “Seven years,” He answered. And so Rose died, like Jesus, at the age of 33.

Marie Rose Ferron lies buried in the Precious Blood Cemetery in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. A cross crowned with thorns is etched on her gravestone; beneath it rests a dove with outstretched wings, surrounded by sprays of roses.

“Little Rose”, as she is affectionately known, continues to intercede in the lives of those who seek her help. Favors have been granted and cures have been reported from all over the world. In a homily given at the time of Rose’s death, Reverend Norman Meunier, a local priest, made an astounding prediction: “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day Woonsocket will have a saint.” Her devotees continue to pray for this well-deserved recognition.

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