David T. Shwaery

Biography of David T. Shwaery, owner of Squires Services Ltd., a salon/spa, S & H Distributors, Euclid Properties and FieldBrook Properties, student housing and medical offices.

Born in Pawtucket, RI in 1938. In his early youth he became a decorated Boy Scout, Sunday School teacher, treasurer of the Sunday School, President of the Youth Group, attended an Evangelical summer camp and played basketball in an interfaith league.

His first jobs were paperboy, scrubbing pans in Mary’s Bakery and pin setter in a local bowling alley. In High School, David had two part time jobs. The Gob Shop warehouse and Jack & Harry’s home and auto stores in their warehouse and later as a silkscreen artist and paste-up artist for their advertising department.

His first full time job upon graduation from high school was with Gladdings Department Store in their display department. He was quickly transferred to the men’s department and latter became manager of their branch in Garden City. He won several awards in the storewide contest for best department, which motivated the company to build an addition to accommodate a larger men’s department.

His career was interrupted by a draft into the United States Army, stationed in Germany for two years.

After an honorable discharge, he returned to Gladdings only to be interrupted again by a recall in the U.S. Army during the Berlin Wall Crises. This interruption ended his career in retailing.

During the recall he was accepted at Rhode Island College to pursue a career teaching history. David was denied a request for an early release from military service to attend the first semester. Not to be discouraged upon discharge, he opted to attend barber school to help pay his college tuition. Barber school overlapped the second semester so upon graduation he took a job with his brother at Squires Barber Shop.

David went on to receive many awards for his various works, including the Jefferson Award, Philanthropist award, American Red Cross, among many others. In addition, he has provided several years of volunteer work with various organizations benefitting the community.

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