Victoria S. Lederberg

Inducted: 2003
Born: 1937
Died: 2002

Lederberg, Victoria, — 1937-

Lederberg was a psychology professor and state legislator before becoming a state Supreme Court judge in 1993.

Lederberg earned her bachelors and masters at doctoral degrees Brown University. She served as Providence Municipal Court judge and was professor of psychology at Rhode Island College. She served as state representative from 1975-1983 ,representing the East Side of Providence, and state senator from 1985-1991. In the Rhode Island State Senate fhe also served as deputy majority leader for health, education and welfare. Lederberg was one of the finalists for Chief Justice in 2000. Lederberg was a trailblazer, becoming the first woman of Italian heritage to serve in the Rhode Island legislature. She was the recipient of the NIABA Distinguished Service Achievement Award in recognition of her contributions to the administration of law and justice.

Rhode Islands College honors her memory with the Victoria Lederberg Endowment, which was Established in 2003. The award is given on merit to a senior student majoring in psychology.

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