Rev. Charles E. Millard, Jr.

Inducted: 2007
Born: 1914
Died: 2006

The Reverend Charles E. Millard, M.D. excelled in many walks of life–as an athlete in his youth, as a noted family physician, husband, parent, author, professor of medicine, and civic leader in his prime, and as a deacon of the Roman Catholic Church after the death of his beloved wife Mildred Lowney Millard.

Charles was born in Providence on October 22, 1914 and died in Warren on September 20, 2006. Early in that ninety-year span he earned his college degree at Western Maryland College and his medical diploma cum laude in 1942 from Georgetown University. During World War II Millard served as an officer in the U.S. Medical Corps.

Throughout his life, Charles was devoted to his family of seven children and their offspring, to the Roman Catholic Church, to the profession of medicine, and to the East Bay community where he resided and practiced. Despite his local focus, he served in many capacities on the national level in the American Academy of Family Practice, the American Medical Association, and the National Institutes of Health.

As Professor Millard, he taught on the medical faculties of Dartmouth College, the University of Massachusetts, and Brown University and wrote more than fifty articles for medical journals.

As Dr. Millard, he was a past president of the Rhode Island Medical Society and co-founder and first president of both the Bristol County Medical Center and the Rhode Island Academy of Family Practice. In 1977, he was named outstanding family physician in Rhode Island by the state chapter of the American Academy of Family Practice. He also won the Rhode Island Medical Society’s coveted Caleb Fiske award four years in a row and received the president’s award from that society in 1979. Dr. Millard also held several governmental and civic positions and was named the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year in 1981.

As Reverend Millard, he concluded his full life of achievement, becoming an ordained deacon of the Roman Catholic Church. In this spiritual capacity, he ministered to fellow parishioners at St. Mary of Bay Church in Warren with the same devotion and dedication he had displayed in attending to their physical needs. The Reverend Dr. Charles Millard zealously served his community–body and soul!

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