Bruce R. Lang

Inducted: 2011

Bruce R. Lang is an American entrepreneur and former television executive, television and radio host and analyst, co-founder of two Rhode Island good government groups, Operation Clean Government and UsPAC (1991-1993). He currently hosts State of the State (TV show) on a part-time basis.
Bruce Lang, a resident of Newport, has a B.A. from the University of Rhode Island and a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. He also served two years as an officer in the United States Army.
With his education and military service complete, Bruce then spent seven years in New York City with CBS-TV and CBS News in such areas as television production, financial planning, and news sales, programming, and administration. While in New York, he served for two years as president of Reeves Production Services, the largest independent television production facility in the United States, and two years at the infancy of the videocasette business during which he was executive producer for the first videocassette programs produced in the United States.
As executive director of the Rhode Island Partnership for Science and Technology, a post he held for five years, Bruce was extremely successful in getting both Rhode Island and non-Rhode Island businesses to work more closely with Rhode Island universities, colleges, and hospitals in the research and development of new products. One grant that Bruce helped to secure attracted what became the state’s largest biotechnology company.
Bruce currently works with his sons, David and Richard, in the operation of Lang Pharma Nutrition , a company which partners with the world’s leading mass market retail chains and specialty nutrition brands, supplying dietary supplement and nutrition products which “lead the private label market in science, innovation and technology.” The company started in 1984 and has always been focused exclusively on health benefit driven™ products .
Bruce was a New England finalist for the 1990 Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was a 1991 recipient of the Rhode Island Governor’s Science and Technology Award. In local broadcasting, Bruce produced and hosted “Melting Pot,” a weekly public affairs TV program on WJAR-TV, and served as a regular panelist on the “Violet Round Table” on WPRI-TV. From 1992 through 2007 he was a talk radio political analyst for two weekly programs on WHJJ Radio.
Bruce has served on the board of directors of the Trinity Repertory Theater, the Rhode Island chapter of the American Lung Association, Meals on Wheels, the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts (which he also chaired), the Rhode Island Food Bank, the Technology Council of Rhode Island, and the Brown Venture Forum. He was the founding chairman of the Rhode Island Community Television Network, the Niantic Association, the Aquidneck Corporate Park Association, and, most notably, two Rhode Island governmental reform groups–UsPAC and Operation Clean Government (OCG) where he was president of the Separation of Powers Committee. For OCG, he conceived and ran the first statewide school to teach people how to run for political office–“The Candidates School”–a forum that has become a very successful and vital bi-annual political event.
– Arlene Violet, Esq.

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