Arun K Singh M.D.

Inducted: 2017
Dr. Arun K. Singh, a native of Patna, India, was born in 1944. As a child, the future physician suffered several debili- tating injuries including the breaking of both of his hands at different times, with one of these accidents resulting in the tempo- rary paralysis of his right hand ” not the most auspicious start to a career in heart surgery. Much of his recovery could be attributed to his mother’s attention. Singh left his homeland in 1967, after graduation from medical school. He trained at Columbia University, the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London (where he honed his skills in pediatric heart surgery), and Brown University. He has practiced at Rhode Island Hospital since 1975. From humble beginnings he has achieved great accomplish- ments. Dr. Singh has published over 150 scientific papers, many of which would dumfound most academics outside the field like his 2006 co-written paper in the Journal of Cardiothorac Vascular Anesthesia: “Intraoperative Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography to Assess Aortic Valve Stenosis.” He has made dozens of presentations at prestigious medical gatherings around the globe ” London, Rio de Janeiro, and Geneva, to name a few. He has authored, edited, and co-edited many books and contributed insightful chapters to textbooks in the field. This cornucopia of writing and research is trumped only by the incredible 18,000 surgeries he has performed on adults and children predominantly through the Lifespan system at Rhode Island Hospital. Most of these operations were open heart pro- cedures. The mathematics of so many intricate procedures over a forty year career are a testament to a physician so dedicated and haunted by his own childhood disabilities that he could never slow down. His lifetime awards, acco- lades, and prizes are fit for a General’s uniform. The American Heart Association honored him as a “Hero at Heart.” The state Medical Society extolled Dr. Singh with the Dr. Charles L. Hill Award for excel- lence. The Rhode Island Hospital Medical Staff, a group of his peers, singled him out for the first annual Milton Hamolsky Outstanding Physician Award. Rhode Island Monthly magazine has proclaimed him the state’s “Top Doc” for twenty years in a row, and Rhode Island Hospital and Lifespan presented him with a lifetime achievement designa- tion in 2014. Dr. Singh is a Fellow of numerous honorary medical groups, among them: American College of Surgeons, American College of Cardiology, Royal College of Surgeons, and the American Heart Association. He has been a Professor of Surgery at Brown Medical School since 1991. His hospital appointments and committee assignments are legion. Dr. Singh is also a philan- thropist. His charitable giving, like his resume, straddles the world stage: from local food pan- tries to schools in rural India for underprivileged children. He and his wife Barbara have been mar- ried for almost fifty years. They have two sons Ari and Michael and three grandchildren. Dr Arun Singh retired from active surgery in 2016 although he maintains a blistering array of talks and research articles. He is also writing a book entitled Yo’ur Heart, My Handy which docu- ments his career and the interac- tion between himself and his patients. He has literally earned the heartfelt thanks of all Rhode Islanders.
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