John J. Parrillo, Ph.D.

A native of Providence, Rhode Island, Prof. Parrillo received his PH.D. from the University of Connecticut (1996). He has also obtained degrees from Providence College, Rhode Island College, University of Rhode Island, and Boston University. He is retired from the Massachusetts public schools. For the last 25 years, John has taught in at least 10 different area colleges as an adjunct professor. After having returned to Rhode Island, he now teaches history at Salve Regina University.

John currently researches various Southern New England topics. Prof. Parrillo’s favorite hobby is to frequent the many archives, libraries, book stores, and manuscript depositories of New England. He has collected over thousands of documents pertaining to the 1778 siege of Newport, the battle of Rhode Island, and the family of Samuel Slater. He has also collected over 1,500 documents regarding William Ellery, the Newport signer of the Declaration of Independence. Someday these will all be published.

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