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The Fleeting Scepter

Pat Conley Each nation’s meteoric rise Implies the certain dread demise Of the very one that fickle Fate Had chosen first to elevate. Proud Egypt, Babylonia Assyria then Greece Enjoyed a transitory reign Ere their domination ceased. Resplendent Rome attained the crest Controlling all by force of sword Till corrupted from within It bowed before

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President of Brown University Helped Shape Foreign Service

In 1954, John Foster Dulles, President Eisenhower’s first secretary of state, named Dr. Henry Wriston as chairman of a public committee on personnel to reorganize the State Department and its Foreign Service. At the time, many State Department officials whose duties concerned foreign policy were under the civil service system. They were not required to

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Born on the third of July

Dr. D. Scott Molloy If George M. Cohan had been more truthful in Yankee Doodle Dandy, he would have reported his birth date as July 3, and not the “born on the Fourth of July” claim reported in his song.  Admittedly, his truthfulness would have reduced its punch. A birth certificate from St. Joseph’s Roman

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An Olympic Swimmer Without an Olympics

By Russell DeSimone It would not be easy to list the highlights of Doris Brennan Weir’s athletic career without omitting some accomplishment, title, or record. She was simply among the finest female swimmers in the world. It would have been perfect if this brilliant young lady could have completed her competitive career by performing in

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